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Auto Engine Repair | JT Auto Repair - Springfield, Oregon

Auto Engine Repair

Auto Engine Repair Provided by JT Auto Repair in Springfield, Oregon

engine-repairThe vehicles engine is like our heart is to our body. It is the driving force that works with many moving parts and delicate components. A vehicles engine needs to be maintained to help keep other costly repairs to a minimal.

JT Auto Repair can handle a “check engine light” to an engine replacement. Our Technicians have the equipment, education and numerous resources available to assure your engine repairs needs are met. Our ASE certified technicians are fully trained in diagnosing and repairing the most complex engine services.

When a “check engine” light comes on your vehicle is telling you there is an issue. The check engine light is similar to a stoplight. If the light is yellow (caution) your car is telling you to get into the shop at your earliest convenience. If the light is red (STOP) pull over, stop and call us. We can help! 

If the time has come for the vehicle to have the engine replaced JT Auto Repair can explore with you the many options available. Should your motor be rebuilt, Should you purchase a remanufactured engine or even a used engine? There are many factors including your budget and does the car have enough value.